To the Parents of our pediatric patients,

We are so pleased you have chosen our office to assist you in taking care of your children’s dental needs!
We welcome all of you!

We are committed to preventing oral health problems through early intervention and patient/family education. When treatment is required, we use our expertise to carry it out in the safest and kindest manner with state of the art techniques. We aim to influence our patients in positive ways for their future oral health.

Our goal is to provide the best possible care in a comfortable setting.  As a parent, your approach to dental care has a tremendous influence on your child. With the right preparation, each of your child’s visits in our office should be a good experience. There are several things you can do in advance to help make it so:

  1. Be positive and excited for your child that he/she will learn how to take care of his/her teeth.
  2. Avoid sharing negative feelings or dental experiences.
  3. Pre-schoolers benefit from play-acting “The Dentist” with you at home. Practice brushing teeth with them lying back, head in your lap on the couch. Have them keep their hands on their belly buttons.
  4. It’s fine to bring a favorite stuffed animal along for appointments. (Please no interactive games.) With your positive attitude and cooperation, your child will become an excellent dental patient! 

There are some dental videos on our website that may be helpful to you and your child:

Growth & Development
Oral Hygiene

You can also follow the links to our 2 forms:

We look forward to meeting your child & providing their dental care for years to come!